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Pipe Milling Machines

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The pipe cutting industry the world over is familiar with FEIN pipe milling machines. They can be used for everything from cutting to length before laying to cutting pipes which have already been laid. FEIN pipe milling cutters produce reliable and precise work on cast iron or steel pipes for oil, gas and water as used in pipelines, public supply networks, power plants, industrial systems and tank construction. Optimised technology ensures a good cutting performance.    

Tried and tested technology for perfect results.

Ideal under tough conditions, e.g. pipe fractures. Adapting to different pipe materials by selecting the right gear ratio produces ideal cutting and feed speeds, enabling the cost-effective use of HSS and carbide tools. 

The two-chain system with separate spring tension pots and adjustable track setting make possible distortion-free and exact cuts of between 250 & 3,000mm in diameter. The chain tension ensures it runs without leaving any marks, making FEIN pipe milling machines suitable for work on high-pressure pipes for example. The cutting and removal process ensures clean pipe ends plus it can produce profile cuts for V or U-shaped welded grooves in addition to smooth cuts.

  • Powerful, robust pneumatic & three-phase motors
  • Electric motors can be used at very low sub-zero temperatures.
  • Electric pipe milling machines with feed and return (return only in load-free operation).
  • For pipes with a diameter of between 250 and 3,000 mm.
  • Profile and separating cuts with form cutter or saw blade.
  • Precise directional stability & exact cut with two-chain system & adjustable track.
  • Crack-free pipe ends.
  • Easy installation thanks to optimised handling.
  • 2 gearbox variants, with different feed & speed levels.
  • Feed and miller drive connected by gearbox.
  • Gearbox overload protection through slipping clutch.
  • Special versions with split drive shaft for cutting pipes & containers with thick walls.

Pipe Milling Machines


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