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Fein GX75 Tube & Pipe Notchers
  • Fein GX75 Tube & Pipe Notchers
  • Fein GX75 Tube & Pipe Notchers
  • Fein GX75 Tube & Pipe Notchers
  • Fein GX75 Tube & Pipe Notchers
  • Fein GX75 Tube & Pipe Notchers
  • Fein GX75 Tube & Pipe Notchers

Fein GX75 Tube & Pipe Notchers

Ref: 101 GX75 Notcher

The Fein Grit GX Tube Nochers.

Designed for use in manual trades or small-scale volume production, the GRIT GX range of Tube Nothcers offers outstanding efficiency and value. GRIT GX machines allow you to work at speed and deliver high-quality results. The machines can be easily retooled for different applications; they are also safe to use and built to last.

The GX Tube Notcher consists of a GX75 Belt Grinder (single or Twin speed) and a GXR Tube Notching Module.

  • Capable of Nothing Tube and Pipe from 16 - 75mm diameter.
  • Effective material removal in a short space of time.
  • Accurate working thanks to patented belt tensioning system.
  • Highly cost-effective as special machines are not required.
  • Speeds optimal for metal working at 3000 rpm or 1500 & 3000rpm.
  • Height-adjustable plane grinding table for linear plane grinding
  • Detachable swarf collector
  • Connection for extraction option available
  • Work level is individually adjustable
  • The workpiece can be clamped without tools.
  • Vice with quick clamping system for round pipes, square pipes and solid material.
  • With integrated depth stop.
  • Versions Available:
  • GX75 + GXR Module,
  • GX75-2H + GXR Module

Regardless of whether you’re grinding pipes, profiles or solid material, the tube notching module GRIT GXR features the right equipment for the job as standard. It’s fitted with a cross slide that can be adjusted accurately and at speed to the angle required, a vice with stainless steel clamping jaws and a unique quick clamping system, which guarantees accurate and safe grinding.

Contact rollers: The extensive range of GRIT contact rollers reliably covers all common pipe diameters, allowing the radius grinding module to accurately grind pipes with diameters of between 16 and 75 mm and an angle of between 30° and 90°

Please allow 3 - 5 days for delivery.

Included in delivery: 1 Contact Roller 42.4mm; 1 Contact Roller 48.3mm; 1 grinding belt 75x2250mm, Grit 36z, 1 grinding belt 75x2000mm.

Fein 3 Yr.png

Specification GX75 Notcher GX75-2H Notcher
Input 3 kW 1.5 & 2 kW
Voltage/type of current at 50 Hz 3 x 400 V(3~)                 3 x 400 V(3~)   
Idle speed at 50 Hz 3000rpm 1500 & 3000rpm
Belt size 75 x 2250 mm 75 x 2250 mm
Pipes up to 16 - 75mm dia 16 - 75mm dia
Profiles (Flat Material Max) 75 x 75mm 75 x 75mm
Weight 130Kg 130Kg

Complete Fein Grit Range Catalogue available here

Fein Grit Catalogue 2016.pdf

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