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Fein Compressed Air Pipe Milling Machines
  • Fein Compressed Air Pipe Milling Machines
  • Fein Compressed Air Pipe Milling Machines

Fein Compressed Air Pipe Milling Machines

Ref: Compressed Air Pipe Milling


FEIN Compressed-Air Pipe Milling Machines :    CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

RDG 18-3:

  • Protection for work on water, oil, and gas pipelines because of compressed air power.
  • Motor drive parts made of stainless materials. Thelamellas of the compressed air motor are non-swelling.
  • Even brief dry-runs are possible.
  • Suitable for use in drinking-water area.

Optimal protection for water, gas and oil.

Depending on the area of usage and the power supply available, a selection can be made among specifically designed electrical and compressed air models of the FEIN pipe milling machines. The extra advantage: The explosion-proof electric motors meet the same safety requirements as the compressed air motors. They are therefore ideally suited for working on gas and oil pipelines.

Precise tracking, clean cuts.

The two-chain system with separate spring tension cartridges and the adjustable track settings make it possible to cut around diameters of 250 to 3,000 mm precisely and without torsion. The chain clamping provides a marking-free cutting operation. This makes the FEIN pipe milling machines also suitable for example for working on high-pressure pipes. The chip removing process provides neat pipe ends. By employing the appropriate implements you can make everything from clean separation cuts to profile cuts for V- or U-welding grooves. All that with simple assembly and easy handling.

2 models available: RDG-18-3a, RDG-4x18-3b. 

Included with machines: 1 transport container, 1 metal tool case, 1 hand crank, 10 splitting wedges, 20 bolts, 20 retaining rings, 10 chain links (31.75 mm long) 1 set of wrenches, 1 can of oil, 1 maintenance unit with hose, 2 transport belts.


Order Reference   560 23 560 24
Construction Type   RDG, 18-3a RDG, 18-3b
Air Pressure Bar 6 6
Air Consumption, under load approx l/s 72 72
Motor Speed, Idle RPM 6000 6000
Saw Blade or Milling speed Idle RPM 35 70
Cutting Depth 451) 451)
Cutting Speed M/min 19.72) 39.52)
Advance mm/min 40 80
Power Consumption kW 2.0 2.0
Power Output kW 1.5 1.5
Net Weight Kg 89 89

1)with saw blade Ø 200 mm, 2)based on tool Ø 180 mm,

Special models with divided drive shaft for cutting thick-walled pipes and containers available on request.















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